Thursday, 30 June 2011

My favourite makeup books

Lately, I've been busy training myself to become a great makeup artist.... reading as many makeup manuals and magazines as I can, networking with other makeup artists, attempting face charts, splashing makeup on just about anyone who would let me and stocking up on the best makeup supplies*slowly but surely*

Makeup is so much FUN and I love getting creative :D

Here are a few books I would recommend to everyone from beginner to pro.

Each book is packed with amazing photos, step-by-step instructions, guides to perfect makeup as well as techniques to apply makeup in little time.

Makeup Your Mind Express Yourself by Francois Nars

Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown

Makeup is Art by various AOFM makeup artists

These books I would treasure forever.

Let me know what makeup books you have read , dvds you have seen or just what's on your wish list.

Happy 1st of July!

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  1. Have you seen the new Bobbi Brown beauty book, Beauty Rules? It's great.
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