Friday, 11 February 2011

GO neon eyeshadow dusts

So I took these Go dusts for granted ;(
I have had these neon colored dusts for about three years now. To be honest......I um kinda forgot about em. While rummaging through my makeup junk earlier this week, I came across them so I decided to do some swatches and a mini review.

These dusts are extremely powdery and messy *thats the first thing I hated about them EW!*  and applies best when a white base is used and possibly some eyelash adhesive. The color pay off is great when patted on as opposed to dragged on.
They come in neat mini pots with a pressed cover to give control while getting the product out. I really like that about them because I have 'butter fingers' *sometimes* 
However, I really cant say how long they would last as I've never had them on for long periods. My gut instinct tells me they won't though ...sorry guys *lol*

I plan to make use of them for the upcoming carnival season.

 All three pots were purchased from the lovely ebay.....ebay rocks!!

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