Saturday, 12 February 2011

Milk of Magnesia!! ....for Oily skin?? yep yep

Who would have ever thought that Milk of Magnesia, the good old remedy for constipation and hyperacidity can actually do wonders for oily skin?
Well lovelies....this ish works!!
After reading a couple of positive reviews on it, I decided to recommend it to a friend who had oily skin. Now the girl won't stop thanking me ;)

Milk of Magnesia keeps the skin dry and matte and can be mixed with your favorite moisturizer and applied right before foundation.
I don't have oily skin but my t zone can get a bit shiny at I'll be grabbing a bottle soon to keep handy in my makeup kit for myself as well as clients.
You don't need to apply a lot else you would look too ashy. A small amount spread evenly on the face would do the need to go over. It is best to apply with a foundation brush or a wedged sponge.

Milk of Magnesia can be found in most drug stores in the medicine aisle. The Phillips brand is 'supposedly' the best so I'll kinda stick to that one.

.....So go grab your Milk :) ...and remember a lil goes a looooooong way.