Saturday, 14 May 2011

My new favourite lippy.

SHEEN Peaches & Cream 774

I didn't know I could fall in love with another lipstick like this after MAC dsquared 2 *Nude Rose* left me and NEVER returned :(  Thanks to the new Sleek true colour lipstick range I think I have found a new love and her name is Peaches & Cream....she is rich, creamy and gorge. I plan to get like 4 back ups in case she decides to ditch me.
From the range, I also ordered Baby Doll, Pink Freeze and Amped *because a girl can never have too many pink lipsticks. I grabbed  three sexy blushes as well...will review those in another post.

Stay True Barbz!


  1. This is what I miss about London! I Love Sleek MU and have all of their available palettes and Pout polishes. I've been lemming the lipsticks too. This one reminds me of MAC's Vegas Volt. It looks lovely on you

  2. Lol... This is what I would miss as well. Their palettes are pure love. However, I gave away like 3 last time I was home *never again!!
    Thank youuuu and yes it reminds me of Vegas Volt too.