Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Would you be colour [B][L][O][C][K][I][N][G] this summer?

Colour blocking is one of the trends that is gracing us with its presence once again...vibrant blues, tangerines, hot pinks, greens and gorgeous purples. All these colours can be smashed together to brighten up any wardrobe.
 I have always liked the idea of bright colours ...especially when it comes to makeup :) and maybeee a bright bag, dress, or pumps.
However, I am kinda scared to venture out looking like 'sunshine' but we shall see. I may give it a try ..dare me!! ha ha

The spring/summer 2011 runways were bursting with gorgeous colorful pieces and so are many wish lists.
This new trend involves some knowledge of the colour wheel I guess... and bravery!

You can start of by colour blocking your bag, blouse and jacket. It will help you ease into it.

HAVE FUN!!! Go CRAZY!! It's just fashion :)

Numero uno on my wishlist:
Furla- Candy Bag

Here are some other great looks I found..



  1. I'm loving this trend but I think we'd quicker get away with it in London than in Vincy nuh true? lol

  2. @ Jinz: NOOO I rock this in Vincy, some silly pple turn up they nose, but i don't mind I kno they dont kno no better hehehe. I absolutely love this trend caz i just love a lotta colour

  3. LOL....I don't blame you Mo. Do ya thing!! At least I won't be alone if I decide to do it.*YAY*